Open House

We are hosting our first ever Open House at Sandi's blankee factory (her house) on Thursday July 12, 2007 from 6-9pm. Details to come...mark your calendar!!! I (Carisa) will be in town along with Kirsten, we hope to see you there!

A Big Mess!!!

This Messy Bit Toddler has passed the test and is officially for sale! Daniel's mommy ordered 6 bibs after trying out the test bib for us!! We are very excited to offer this bib to everyone now!
Here is a photo showing the comparison in size of all 3 of the bibs we offer. My son, Kyler who is 13 months still uses the Messy Bit original and it works great for him. I am sure we will need to move up to the toddler size soon though!

Bibs, Bibs, Bibs

It has been Bib central in my house lately!!! Kirsten has been sewing away and is really enjoying it! My mom is even sending her bib fabrics to us to make! These are great bibs, perfect for gifts and perfect for all babies and toddlers. We have the toddler size bib done and it has been tested and approved by our friend Daniel who is almost 2 and is very angry with us since he can't pull this bib off!!! I will have a photo up soon and information about it for purchase. My mom joked that we should name it the "Angry Baby Bit" :).

If you are from Charlotte and interested in purchasing bibs but don't want to pay shipping from Philly (although it is really not much at all), Kirsten and I will be home the week of July 9 and will have all of her bibs with us to sell!
I finally got some photos up of new bibs by, Kirsten! She has been working hard and I am amazed at how talented she is! We have a few more in the works right now that don't have photos and we are also designing a bigger toddler bib! Here is one of her new sets... "Gone Fishing"

The winner is...

Meet adorable little Avery who loves her Tiny Bit and won our 1st photo contest! A huge thanks to her Mommy for sending her photo in and for everyone who voted for her. Thank you to everyone else who sent in photos and voted, they were all so cute! The contest was lots of fun, we will probably do it again in the future if you missed it this time!