You can never...

have too many Little Bits!
Here are a few shots I captured of my kids with their MANY Bits. They sure get the good end of this deal! Nanee is sending them Bits all of the time! Ky is currently *testing* a new Bit product and I will begin testing a new one when it arrives in the mail this week! Look for both to begin selling for babies, one for mommies!

New Fabrics

We are expanding our "Minky" line and now have these adorable and unbelievably soft fabrics... The toile one is also available in pink, violet, blue, and sage green, and the jumbo dots come in 3 other color combos...check out the website to see all of them!

The HeadBit

In case you haven't seen it, this is the new HeadBit. A custom made headband made by Little Bits. These headbands were made as a *test* item to sell in a small basket at the MUMC consignment sale. Let's just say the test went well!!! My mom sold out the first day and had several requests for more to bring the next day. She had to go shopping that night and work all night to make more and then sold out of those! A good friend of ours from MUMC took close to 20 to a yoga class with her and sold out of all of them in one day! My nieces are taking them to dance class and school to sell them. I even have one of my own that I love, it's the one in the photo!
On the website there is a page that shows various fabrics HeadBits are offered sure to check it out! Here is the direct link to the HeadBit page... The HeadBit

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

We have decided on the prizes for the photo contest!!

The Grand Prize(s)...
A Bit of your choice and a photo session!
The photo with the highest number of votes will receive a complimentary photo session with Little Moments Photography. This session will be completely free, you may purchase prints if you wish. At this session, your child will be photographed with their NEW Little Bit, which can be any Bit of your child's choosing!

From all of the entries, we will randomly select a winner who will receive one of the following:
***A Bit of Hope pillowcase donated in your honor
***A Headbit of your choice
***A Messy Bit Bib

Get those photos in to us, we will set the deadline soon!

Little Bits Photo Contest...

We would like to begin collecting photos of children and their own Little Bits (blankees, pillowcases, headbands, etc.) to be used for a photo contest!!! We will begin the collection process now, please email a FULL file of your child shown with their Little Bit. Please select your favorite shot only, although you may send in multiple shots if your child has multiple Bits! The deadline for photo submissions will be announced on the blog/website in plenty of time. We are not setting the deadline quite yet.

Here's how to get started:
*take a photo of your child with their Little Bit
*email the full file to:
*put "Little Bits Photo Contest" in the subject line
*In the body of the email please include:
***Parent (your) name(s)
***Child's first name and age
***a testimony about your Bit if you'd like (we are also creating a testimonials page for the Little Bits website)

By submitting the above information, you are consenting to your child's photo appearing on the Little Bits website and/or blog. Only photos will appear, not names.
There will be prizes involved, we promise this will be worth it!!! We hope this will be a great way to spread the word about Little Bits!
If you submit a testimony for our testimonials section, we will possibly use this for our website in the future.

New Website is launched!

I finally finished the new Little Bits website and even added some last minute features at the very end! I launched the new site yesterday and we're excited about it! Here are just a few of the new features...
*Products can now be ordered and paid for using credit cards or PayPal accounts through the "Place an Order" link on the website.
*I added a "recommend this site, "add to favorites," and "join this E-mailing List," to the Volunteer link to make it easier for people to spread the word and keep in touch with Little Bits. A special thank you to a good friend for asking me to add these things!
*2 brand new products, the *HeadBit* and the *Itty Bitty Ball* are on the site for sale.

It has been fun to work on the site and also to work closely with my mom, Sandi, as she shared all of her wonderful ideas with me. She had a huge success selling Bits at the MUMC consignment sale this weekend, she called in to report great sales and a wonderful response. Frank's parents got in on the action too, helping make products last night in my mom's blankee factory (her rec room)! Little Bits were sold again today at MUMC, my mom has been a busy woman this past week!

The Little Bits Blog

Little Bits has entered the world of blogging, we plan to showcase new products here and share with readers what is going on behind the scenes of Little Bits. We are expanding our product line and really everything. I have tried to get my mom to drop the whole non-profit thing and go into business and quit her day job but she adamantly refuses. She is in this as a way to help my family (as missionaries) and ministry. I have pushed and pushed and finally have accepted that this is what she loves to do, help others. The ministry I work with is the beneficiary of all of her hard work. So, as I try to help her help us, the blog is just another way! Please share this blog with anyone, get the word out and enjoy the products of Little Bits!