The winners of the prizes from Valerie's February giveaway will be receiving their Bits in the mail soon! Here's the Bits they chose, aren't they cute!

Winner # 1...Tiny Bit & Itty Bitty Ball
Winner # 2...Spit A Bit Gift Set

Consignment Sale

I (Carisa) will be in town for the MUMC consignment sale! The dates are Fri and Sat March 14-15, 2008. I am excited to be there with my mom, Sandi, and my mother in law, Matilda...selling Little Bits! Look for us there and come check out our new products! We will have tons of premade items for immediate sale and you will be able to see fabric samples and place custom orders with us!

The following new items will be there:
Carry A Bit
Boo Boo Bit (no weblink yet, it's making it's 1st appearance at the sale!)

As well as the other popular Bits!

Check this out...

One of my online friends, Valerie from the homeschooling blog Little Blots of Faith is promoting Little Bits! Check out this great blog post she wrote! You can even enter to win her contest!