An Update on Sandi

My mom is recovering well, although she is still in a lot of pain. The hand surgery went well, but there is still a pin in her hand (it will be taken out) that is very uncomfy. She is sewing some, and is anxious to get back to it more. Thank you for your prayers for her as she recovers.

Kirsten enjoyed helping her complete many Christmas orders last week and we also have a few new products ready to launch soon! The website will showcase these items soon...

Finishing Up

As the date approaches, my mom has been very busy completing orders. Her hand surgery is this Friday, Dec. 7, please keep her in your prayers. The Mommy Bit Diaper Bag has been a big seller this month, here is another one she made, our first with a monogram!

We will be continuing to sell Bibs after Sandi's surgery, and will let you know when she is back to sewing, we are estimating about a month off.