An Update on Sandi

My mom is recovering well, although she is still in a lot of pain. The hand surgery went well, but there is still a pin in her hand (it will be taken out) that is very uncomfy. She is sewing some, and is anxious to get back to it more. Thank you for your prayers for her as she recovers.

Kirsten enjoyed helping her complete many Christmas orders last week and we also have a few new products ready to launch soon! The website will showcase these items soon...

Finishing Up

As the date approaches, my mom has been very busy completing orders. Her hand surgery is this Friday, Dec. 7, please keep her in your prayers. The Mommy Bit Diaper Bag has been a big seller this month, here is another one she made, our first with a monogram!

We will be continuing to sell Bibs after Sandi's surgery, and will let you know when she is back to sewing, we are estimating about a month off.

New Bib Fabrics

Kirsten has been busy again and we now have tons more bib fabrics! Check out the website to see them all. Here is a sneak peek of a few of my favorites! Remember Headbits can also be made out of bib fabric!

Mommy Bit Gift Set

My mom has been really busy lately and is emailing me some great photos of beautiful stuff she has been making! Here is her latest, a Mommy Bit gift set, featuring ALL of our Mommy Bit items!

Diaper Bag

My mom sent me this photo today of a Mommy Bit Diaper Bag she made for someone. I just love it!

Christmas Orders

My mom, Sandi, the amazing woman who sews all of the Bits, is in need of prayer. She has many physical problems and is really battling with her hand right now. She has finally scheduled surgery which will probably take her away from sewing for quite some time. Her surgery is scheduled for Dec 7. She will be sewing up until then, so be sure to get any Christmas gift orders in asap so she will have time to get them done. After Dec 7, it is highly unlikely anything will be sewed in time for Christmas. We will have some pre-made stock for sale and Kirsten will continue to sew bibs. Please say a prayer for my mom to heal completely, she really needs that hand working well!

Sleepy Bit

Look at this awesome Sleepy Bit pillow! My mom just emailed me this photo and I fell in love, isn't it adorable! It was purchased as a gift for someone, I can only imagine the smile it will bring to Kendall's face! Click here for information about monogramming.

Girly Bit

My mom emailed me this photo today and I just thought it was adorable. What a great gift for a little girl, that's what this one is...for little Julia! Click here to see more info on the Girly Bit.

New Bib Fabrics!

We got many new bib fabrics, here's just a few...we are literally adding more almost every day now!!! Kirsten is sewing like crazy!!! Be sure to check the website, we have many more on the way soon! Here is the direct link to the fabric options page for bibs.

Gift Sets

Here's some photos of a few of the gift sets we have made! Gift sets make the perfect gift for someone! Be sure to visit our Gift Ideas page too, to see price comparisons and suggestions!

The Crusin' Bit

The Cruisin' Bit car seat cover is here! Be sure to visit the website to read more about the awesome new product!

Consignment Sale...

The consignment sale was a huge success, we sold tons of Bits and met so many great people!!! We had a great time and are already excited about the next sale in March! I want to thank my mother in law~ Matilda, my mom~ Sandi and Kirsten for all of their hard work the past two days to make this sale such a huge success! We sold tons of products and had fun showing off the new stuff!
They even got a little goofy, trying on bibs for me...
I came home after the sale and finally got to take the product photos to get the new items up on the website! Car seat covers, monogramming, Girly Bits, Mommy Bits and more coming soon!

Consignment Sale

Little Bits will be selling this weekend, Sept. 14-15 at the Matthews United Methodist Consignment Sale!! We will have tons of products with us, including several new Girly Bits, Mommy Bit Mini-Purses, bibs, and of course blankees! Kirsten and I will also be there selling with my mom! We hope to see you there!

The new Girly Bit

Wow, it has been awhile since I have posted, so sorry! I am swamped in ministry and personal life right now. I have barely begun to dive into the website to-do list. So a photo on the blog will have to do for now! Here is the newly designed Girly Bit, also showing it with the embroidery option.

A few photos

Here's a few shots from the Open House. We had a blast all week getting ready for this and enjoyed the evening! Thanks for the support!

The bibs!

The gift sets we had made, most are sold now! This is the newly redesigned Mommy Bit Mini Purse!

The basket of Tiny Bits, notice the monogrammed blankee on the top!

The "ribbon wall" ...

The new Host-A-Bit bag... (which got taken filled with goodies to sell from the Open House, thanks Stacey!)

In the works

We have several things going on behind the scenes right now, and it might take awhile to get them all rolling but I thought I would share a few with you!

~Sandi has created her first test of a car seat cover...Nancy (and daughter Cameron) will be letting us know how she likes it! It is for a Britax Marathon, we are creating one for a Britax Roundabout next (I will be the lucky recipient of that one!!!) Pictures will come soon!
~Monogramming is available, I just have to get it up to the website. We are offering monogramming for $8, for a one line name or a 3 initial monogram. Examples will be on the website soon!
~The Girly Bit has been redesigned and we LOVE it! We sold the sample to our first person at the Open House! Thanks Lisa! Photos coming soon, the price is $12.00. These can be monogrammed and are adorable, we also recommend a matching HeadBit for the perfect gift for any little girl!
~We have redesigned the Mommy Bit Mini Purse a bit. It now has longer handles and is a bit taller. I will post a new photo soon!
~We have a new "hosting" option, the Host-A-Bit bag! Instead of setting up a basket at one location, the bag (monogrammed with the Little Bits logo) can be carried anywhere you want to sell Little Bits! You can "host" whichever Bits you want, contact Sandi for more info. Details will be on the website soon, as well as photos of the bag!
~Some changes are going to be made to the fabrics pages soon, as we simplify what we offer for bags, bibs, and HeadBits. We also have new Minky fabrics to add!

Much, Much more to come, that's a bit of a preview!!!

Preparing for the Open House

We are busy sewing and making some neat things to have ready at the open house this Thursday, TOMORROW! We are really excited and having a lot of fun. We have many gift sets ready, mainly centered around the Mini Purse Mommy Bit, which is my new favorite thing. I can't wait for someone else I know to have a baby so I can give it as a gift!!! We also have many Tiny Bits ready, many HeadBits, some Cuddle Bits, a few Big Bits, and tons of bibs! We bought brand new fabric yesterday too so will have all new choices available that aren't even on the web yet! We are excited to see everyone who can make it!

Open House Details...

In case you aren't on our emailing list, here is our recent Email invite sent out...

Hello everyone! Thank you for your continuing support of Little Bits, we continue to grow and are in awe of the way God is working through this! We would like to invite you to our Open House (drop in), as we would love to see you! We will have some Open House ONLY specials, see flyer below for details. We hope to see you there!

At the Open House you will also learn about our newest addition (not even on the website yet), monogramming! Sandi can now put your child's name on just about anything with her awesome new machine! We will have samples and pricing info available at the Open House.

If you are unable to attend the Open House, be sure to visit the website to see the many new things we have!

Here are some direct links to make things easier to find...
By, Kirsten...
Gift Ideas...
Sleepy Bit...
Messy Bit Toddler...
New fabrics and sale info...
Hosting a Basket of Bits...
Our blog...

God Bless,
Carisa & Sandi

For directions to Sandi's house
10246 Foxhall Dr. Charlotte 28210

PS- you will notice some errors on the flyer below, please forgive me, my computer hard drive crashed and I lost everything and do not have time to recreate this. Thankfully I had emailed this draft to my mom the afternoon before the crash, so even though it has some errors, and is not *final* I wanted to send it anyway!
The one thing that was on the final copy is our Open House door prize...we will be entering everyone who makes a purchase or places an order at the Open House into a drawing for a $30.00 Little Bits gift certificate!!! We hope to see you there, if you have any questions prior to the event, feel free to email Sandi,

-if the flyer won't load larger for you when you click on it, email Sandi and we will send you a large copy!

The small print...
-Discounts only apply during the open house hours, for people who are present.
-Sleepy Bit pillows ordered at the open house will be made later and need to be picked up when complete, they will not be made at the open house.
-We will notify the winner of the drawing via email on Friday July 13.
-Headbits will be available at the open house (premade), or you may special order one at the $5 price (one per person at the discounted price). Headbits will be going up in price (to $7) soon, so get yours now!!!
-We recommend not bringing young children unless they are coming to design their own Bit. However if you need to bring children, that is fine.
-We will have MANY bibs (mostly Messy Bit size) premade, including most of the designs shown on the "by, Kirsten" page, as well as many other fabrics.
-Bib stock up prices are only available in the quantities listed, regular prices for bibs can be found on the website.

Open House

We are hosting our first ever Open House at Sandi's blankee factory (her house) on Thursday July 12, 2007 from 6-9pm. Details to come...mark your calendar!!! I (Carisa) will be in town along with Kirsten, we hope to see you there!

A Big Mess!!!

This Messy Bit Toddler has passed the test and is officially for sale! Daniel's mommy ordered 6 bibs after trying out the test bib for us!! We are very excited to offer this bib to everyone now!
Here is a photo showing the comparison in size of all 3 of the bibs we offer. My son, Kyler who is 13 months still uses the Messy Bit original and it works great for him. I am sure we will need to move up to the toddler size soon though!

Bibs, Bibs, Bibs

It has been Bib central in my house lately!!! Kirsten has been sewing away and is really enjoying it! My mom is even sending her bib fabrics to us to make! These are great bibs, perfect for gifts and perfect for all babies and toddlers. We have the toddler size bib done and it has been tested and approved by our friend Daniel who is almost 2 and is very angry with us since he can't pull this bib off!!! I will have a photo up soon and information about it for purchase. My mom joked that we should name it the "Angry Baby Bit" :).

If you are from Charlotte and interested in purchasing bibs but don't want to pay shipping from Philly (although it is really not much at all), Kirsten and I will be home the week of July 9 and will have all of her bibs with us to sell!
I finally got some photos up of new bibs by, Kirsten! She has been working hard and I am amazed at how talented she is! We have a few more in the works right now that don't have photos and we are also designing a bigger toddler bib! Here is one of her new sets... "Gone Fishing"

The winner is...

Meet adorable little Avery who loves her Tiny Bit and won our 1st photo contest! A huge thanks to her Mommy for sending her photo in and for everyone who voted for her. Thank you to everyone else who sent in photos and voted, they were all so cute! The contest was lots of fun, we will probably do it again in the future if you missed it this time!

Many new things...

I worked on the website for a long time tonight and there is lots of new stuff! Check out the Tidbits link to read about most of it...Sleepy Bit Pillows, Spit-A-Bit bibs, and new pre-made items featured in a special category called "by, Kirsten." Kirsten lives with me and has been sewing since she was a little girl. She and I have begun working together (she sews, I just cut and design) making pre-made items for her to sell to earn some money for college. Right now she is making bib sets that are adorable!!! Here is one of them...


We have a new section on the website where we are featuring Pre-Made items that we have available for immediate sale. These items are priced slightly less than custom made Bits, be sure to check it out! Items will change often as new things are made and items are selling.

Here is one of our Pre-Mades for sale right now!

The entries are in...

Let the voting begin! Visit the website to vote for your favorite photo in the 1st Little Bits Photo Contest! We have some adorable kids participating, a huge thanks to all of the great people who entered! Voting will close at the end of May so get those votes in!!

The Girly Bit

It's Here! One of the results of the recent web poll...a bag for little girls!!! My mom and I designed this while I was home visiting and while there her sewing machine broke so she didn't get to finish it before I left. She got it finished and sent me the photo and here it is...the Girly Bit!!!

We went shopping for tons of fun buttons to use as embellishments and each bag will be unique!We also got many fun new fabrics (also Mommy Bit fabrics), and will be adding more soon, so be sure to check those out to!

The Girly Bit paired with a matching HeadBit makes the perfect gift for the little girl who has *everything* (I know a few of those!)

Messy Bit Bib Sets

We are now selling pre-made Messy Bit gift sets. Here is a sample, you can click here to see more! We will add new ones as we make them. The pre-made sets sell for $22.

The Spit-A Bit is designed and has been tested by Kyler's cousin Riley (who is teething and drooling a lot!) and has been *approved* It will be for sale soon!

We are having our 1st SALE!

15% off of Bits made with fleece or flannel on one side!

We are phasing out these fabrics and switching to only Minky, Flurr, and Tiny Cord fabrics. While supplies last you may receive a 15% discount off of your Bit when you choose any fleece or flannel fabrics for a Big Bit, Silky Bit, Tiny Bit, Cuddle Bit or the Bit of Hope.

You may still put a solid color Minky fabric on the coordinating side!
Be sure to mention this offer with your order!

Here's an example of an adorable Tiny Bit blankee made with Yellow Stars fleece and Minky Cloud in Bright Pink.

The Factory

I am down in NC visiting my mom this week and will be here until Monday. I have worked with her a lot in her *factory* and am in awe of the amount of work that goes into each and every Bit. What I thought took a few minutes, takes so much longer. NOW I know why her products are so nice, she spends so much time on each one. I even watched her package up an order last night for someone and was shocked by the amount of detail that went into just the preparation for that!!! I helped her organize orders and work some, I don't know how she does it. The orders keep coming in daily too, and she still loves it! God is giving her the energy she needs to keep up with this as the amount of time and thought it takes is enough to be a full time job, yet she already has one of those!!! I am so grateful for my mom and what she is doing to help support our missionary work. I wish I could help her more. Please pray for my mom and thank God for her amazing servant's heart. I also thank YOU, people who support Little Bits through orders...thank you for your kind hearts and patience with my mom as she does this for us in addition to her full time office job. She often comments about the nice people she *meets* through this. Thank you to all of you for supporting us in this way!

Check out my new purse...

Yup, it's here! A mini-Mommy Bit! This awesome little purse fits right inside of the diaper bag to keep Mom's stuff separate and comes out when baby is not with you! I LOVE this purse almost as much as I love my diaper bag!!

New Big Bit

My mom was here visiting this past week and we had a blast hanging out together! She brought some new photos and I fell in love with this blankee she made for someone! Isn't it beautiful!
She also brought my new *Mommy Bits* accessories! I will be posting photos soon and have them up for sale this week on the website, stay tuned!

Web Poll

It's time for another new Little Bits item and we have many ideas of what to create next. However, we need to pick one and get started and we'd love your help! Visit the website *Tidbits* section to submit your vote (the voting section is near the bottom). A huge thank you to those of you who e-mailed us your creative ideas, which are included amongst the voting choices!

New fabric in action...

Check out the new Minky toile fabric in action! My mom just emailed me this photo and it makes me wish I had a daughter (well, kinda...hmmm, not quite, but it sure is cute!).

Messy Bit

Little Bits has bibs now! The Messy Bit is available now and the Spit-A-Bit is coming soon! The Messy Bit is perfect for meal times and the Spit-A-Bit will be for babies who are teething and drooling! Visit the website to design your own Messy Bit!

The Mommy Bits Have Arrived!

The Mommy Bits are here! The diaper bag is officially for sale, as well as the changing pad to go with it! A few more accessories will be added soon! I absolutely LOVE my bag (which is the one in the photo). Be sure to check out the website to see more photos and see how to order your own! Each bag is unique, you choose your own fabric combinations and accessories. And...even though it's called a *diaper* bag, it's really a bag for anyone, I plan to use mine when we go on vacation in May (without my children!!!!)

Get those photos in...

Just a reminder to get those photos in! We have a couple of entries but I haven't gotten nearly as many as I had hoped for!!! I would love to use some of these shots on the website too, not just for the contest, so even if you don't care if you *win* something, send us your pics anyway!
They don't have to be portrait quality, just snapshots of cute kids with their Bits! Come on, dig out shots you already have of them with their Bits or take some new ones!!
Email them to:

A few new things...

I have updated the fabrics page for the HeadBits, hopefully it will help with the many orders coming in! You can get to the new page through the HeadBits link: I am currently adding more fabrics to it as I get the photos from my mom! Check back soon for even more fabric choices!

Here is an adorable new Bit of Hope pillowcase made recently, (frogs and flowers flurr and minky green dot)

You can never...

have too many Little Bits!
Here are a few shots I captured of my kids with their MANY Bits. They sure get the good end of this deal! Nanee is sending them Bits all of the time! Ky is currently *testing* a new Bit product and I will begin testing a new one when it arrives in the mail this week! Look for both to begin selling for babies, one for mommies!

New Fabrics

We are expanding our "Minky" line and now have these adorable and unbelievably soft fabrics... The toile one is also available in pink, violet, blue, and sage green, and the jumbo dots come in 3 other color combos...check out the website to see all of them!

The HeadBit

In case you haven't seen it, this is the new HeadBit. A custom made headband made by Little Bits. These headbands were made as a *test* item to sell in a small basket at the MUMC consignment sale. Let's just say the test went well!!! My mom sold out the first day and had several requests for more to bring the next day. She had to go shopping that night and work all night to make more and then sold out of those! A good friend of ours from MUMC took close to 20 to a yoga class with her and sold out of all of them in one day! My nieces are taking them to dance class and school to sell them. I even have one of my own that I love, it's the one in the photo!
On the website there is a page that shows various fabrics HeadBits are offered sure to check it out! Here is the direct link to the HeadBit page... The HeadBit