New Bib Fabrics

Kirsten has been busy again and we now have tons more bib fabrics! Check out the website to see them all. Here is a sneak peek of a few of my favorites! Remember Headbits can also be made out of bib fabric!

Mommy Bit Gift Set

My mom has been really busy lately and is emailing me some great photos of beautiful stuff she has been making! Here is her latest, a Mommy Bit gift set, featuring ALL of our Mommy Bit items!

Diaper Bag

My mom sent me this photo today of a Mommy Bit Diaper Bag she made for someone. I just love it!

Christmas Orders

My mom, Sandi, the amazing woman who sews all of the Bits, is in need of prayer. She has many physical problems and is really battling with her hand right now. She has finally scheduled surgery which will probably take her away from sewing for quite some time. Her surgery is scheduled for Dec 7. She will be sewing up until then, so be sure to get any Christmas gift orders in asap so she will have time to get them done. After Dec 7, it is highly unlikely anything will be sewed in time for Christmas. We will have some pre-made stock for sale and Kirsten will continue to sew bibs. Please say a prayer for my mom to heal completely, she really needs that hand working well!