Many new things...

I worked on the website for a long time tonight and there is lots of new stuff! Check out the Tidbits link to read about most of it...Sleepy Bit Pillows, Spit-A-Bit bibs, and new pre-made items featured in a special category called "by, Kirsten." Kirsten lives with me and has been sewing since she was a little girl. She and I have begun working together (she sews, I just cut and design) making pre-made items for her to sell to earn some money for college. Right now she is making bib sets that are adorable!!! Here is one of them...


We have a new section on the website where we are featuring Pre-Made items that we have available for immediate sale. These items are priced slightly less than custom made Bits, be sure to check it out! Items will change often as new things are made and items are selling.

Here is one of our Pre-Mades for sale right now!

The entries are in...

Let the voting begin! Visit the website to vote for your favorite photo in the 1st Little Bits Photo Contest! We have some adorable kids participating, a huge thanks to all of the great people who entered! Voting will close at the end of May so get those votes in!!

The Girly Bit

It's Here! One of the results of the recent web poll...a bag for little girls!!! My mom and I designed this while I was home visiting and while there her sewing machine broke so she didn't get to finish it before I left. She got it finished and sent me the photo and here it is...the Girly Bit!!!

We went shopping for tons of fun buttons to use as embellishments and each bag will be unique!We also got many fun new fabrics (also Mommy Bit fabrics), and will be adding more soon, so be sure to check those out to!

The Girly Bit paired with a matching HeadBit makes the perfect gift for the little girl who has *everything* (I know a few of those!)

Messy Bit Bib Sets

We are now selling pre-made Messy Bit gift sets. Here is a sample, you can click here to see more! We will add new ones as we make them. The pre-made sets sell for $22.

The Spit-A Bit is designed and has been tested by Kyler's cousin Riley (who is teething and drooling a lot!) and has been *approved* It will be for sale soon!

We are having our 1st SALE!

15% off of Bits made with fleece or flannel on one side!

We are phasing out these fabrics and switching to only Minky, Flurr, and Tiny Cord fabrics. While supplies last you may receive a 15% discount off of your Bit when you choose any fleece or flannel fabrics for a Big Bit, Silky Bit, Tiny Bit, Cuddle Bit or the Bit of Hope.

You may still put a solid color Minky fabric on the coordinating side!
Be sure to mention this offer with your order!

Here's an example of an adorable Tiny Bit blankee made with Yellow Stars fleece and Minky Cloud in Bright Pink.

The Factory

I am down in NC visiting my mom this week and will be here until Monday. I have worked with her a lot in her *factory* and am in awe of the amount of work that goes into each and every Bit. What I thought took a few minutes, takes so much longer. NOW I know why her products are so nice, she spends so much time on each one. I even watched her package up an order last night for someone and was shocked by the amount of detail that went into just the preparation for that!!! I helped her organize orders and work some, I don't know how she does it. The orders keep coming in daily too, and she still loves it! God is giving her the energy she needs to keep up with this as the amount of time and thought it takes is enough to be a full time job, yet she already has one of those!!! I am so grateful for my mom and what she is doing to help support our missionary work. I wish I could help her more. Please pray for my mom and thank God for her amazing servant's heart. I also thank YOU, people who support Little Bits through orders...thank you for your kind hearts and patience with my mom as she does this for us in addition to her full time office job. She often comments about the nice people she *meets* through this. Thank you to all of you for supporting us in this way!