New Pre-Made Bits

I am home with my mom this week and working hard on updating things for Little Bits! I got the Pre-Made Bits page started today, where we are showcasing her LARGE stock of already made Bits. These Bits can be purchased and picked up or shipped immediately!!! Here's a few I added to the page tonight...

Holiday Specials

We have added a Holiday Specials page to the website. We have a few products up and will be adding more in the next week or so! Be sure to stop by and check out the holiday themed bits!

Here's just one of our special items, a Christmas Bundle a Bit...

My Other New Bag!!!

Here's a photo of my 2nd new bag--same design (The Shannon), just different materials. This one will be my ministry bag, I am so excited (it isn't here yet)!!!

The Shannon Bag

We have another new bag and it's my new favorite!!! It is named after my great friend and partner in ministry, Shannon! She's a mom-friend and ministry-friend and I have one of these bags now as a diaper bag and also as a ministry tote bag, which is why I chose to name it after her! Here's a few shots of my new bag...

Mommy & Me Set

My mom recently made this gift set for someone... An Aubrey Bag for the daughter and a Tracey Mini Purse for the Mommy!

Minky Bibs!

We have begun making our bib out of Minky materials and they are wonderful! Here is a recent gift set my mom made for someone... Messy Bit Bib, Tiny Bit Blankee

Girly Gift Set

Isn't' this gift set gorgeous!!! My mom made this for someone obviously having a girl :). It almost makes me want a baby girl!!

Included in this set...

More new products!

I continue to work on the website, getting the many new products added and some other things changed. Today I redid the TidBits page, take a look! On the page you will see links to a few new things. Check out the homepage to see our new feature "What's New"!

Here's a few preview photos...

New Purse and Names!!!

We have added yet another purse to our Little Bits collection! It is becoming more and more difficult to think of new bag names, so we are switching to something new so we can continue to add more and more purses, totes and bags to our collection. We have renamed the existing bags and will name all new bags after special women in our lives. This new bag is The Matilda, named after my wonderful mother-in-law. We renamed the following too...
Girly Bit...The Aubrey (after my youngest niece)
Tote A Bit...The Shelbey (after my oldest niece)
Carry A Bit...The Kirsten (after it's creator!)
Mommy Bit Mini Purse...The Tracey (after my sister in law)

The website is a work in progress as we transfer the names over, and we have more in the works too, we're very into bags right now!!!

Burp Bit

The new Burp Bits are rolling out, check out this cute one...

Give a Little Bit

We are hosting a Little Bits giveaway over on my homeschooling blog. Check it out here and leave a comment over there to enter to win!

The Baby Tooth Bit

It's here, and I am so excited, this one pictured is for my son, thanks mom! Isn't the new Baby Tooth Bit cute! Read more about it here.

Consignment Sale Success!

We had a busy and wonderful weekend selling Bits together at the MUMC consignment sale. It is a lot of work, but I love being able to spend that much time side by side with my great mom! And, to make it even better, my husband's family participated also, so I got to spend tons of time with them too! Here are some shots from our weekend...

My beautiful Mommy...
My wonderful in-laws selling "Sweet Bits"
This was our table of mainly new products. My mom has been quite busy and has all of these new Bits! None are on the website yet, but if you want any of them, you can email her to order and she will email you with prices and specifics. I will be working soon to get it all up on the website! Pictured below...girls dresses, pacifier clips, tooth fairy pillow, patchwork blankees, infant gowns, adorable girly bags, the Boo Boo Bit, women's small tote bags, burp cloths, and blankees with puppy/kitty/or bear heads. Lots of fun new stuff, we need to name it all too!
The sale was a big success, and we got to meet tons of great new people! We look forward to the sale again in September!


The winners of the prizes from Valerie's February giveaway will be receiving their Bits in the mail soon! Here's the Bits they chose, aren't they cute!

Winner # 1...Tiny Bit & Itty Bitty Ball
Winner # 2...Spit A Bit Gift Set

Consignment Sale

I (Carisa) will be in town for the MUMC consignment sale! The dates are Fri and Sat March 14-15, 2008. I am excited to be there with my mom, Sandi, and my mother in law, Matilda...selling Little Bits! Look for us there and come check out our new products! We will have tons of premade items for immediate sale and you will be able to see fabric samples and place custom orders with us!

The following new items will be there:
Carry A Bit
Boo Boo Bit (no weblink yet, it's making it's 1st appearance at the sale!)

As well as the other popular Bits!

Check this out...

One of my online friends, Valerie from the homeschooling blog Little Blots of Faith is promoting Little Bits! Check out this great blog post she wrote! You can even enter to win her contest!