In the works

We have several things going on behind the scenes right now, and it might take awhile to get them all rolling but I thought I would share a few with you!

~Sandi has created her first test of a car seat cover...Nancy (and daughter Cameron) will be letting us know how she likes it! It is for a Britax Marathon, we are creating one for a Britax Roundabout next (I will be the lucky recipient of that one!!!) Pictures will come soon!
~Monogramming is available, I just have to get it up to the website. We are offering monogramming for $8, for a one line name or a 3 initial monogram. Examples will be on the website soon!
~The Girly Bit has been redesigned and we LOVE it! We sold the sample to our first person at the Open House! Thanks Lisa! Photos coming soon, the price is $12.00. These can be monogrammed and are adorable, we also recommend a matching HeadBit for the perfect gift for any little girl!
~We have redesigned the Mommy Bit Mini Purse a bit. It now has longer handles and is a bit taller. I will post a new photo soon!
~We have a new "hosting" option, the Host-A-Bit bag! Instead of setting up a basket at one location, the bag (monogrammed with the Little Bits logo) can be carried anywhere you want to sell Little Bits! You can "host" whichever Bits you want, contact Sandi for more info. Details will be on the website soon, as well as photos of the bag!
~Some changes are going to be made to the fabrics pages soon, as we simplify what we offer for bags, bibs, and HeadBits. We also have new Minky fabrics to add!

Much, Much more to come, that's a bit of a preview!!!

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