New Purse and Names!!!

We have added yet another purse to our Little Bits collection! It is becoming more and more difficult to think of new bag names, so we are switching to something new so we can continue to add more and more purses, totes and bags to our collection. We have renamed the existing bags and will name all new bags after special women in our lives. This new bag is The Matilda, named after my wonderful mother-in-law. We renamed the following too...
Girly Bit...The Aubrey (after my youngest niece)
Tote A Bit...The Shelbey (after my oldest niece)
Carry A Bit...The Kirsten (after it's creator!)
Mommy Bit Mini Purse...The Tracey (after my sister in law)

The website is a work in progress as we transfer the names over, and we have more in the works too, we're very into bags right now!!!

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