The HeadBit

In case you haven't seen it, this is the new HeadBit. A custom made headband made by Little Bits. These headbands were made as a *test* item to sell in a small basket at the MUMC consignment sale. Let's just say the test went well!!! My mom sold out the first day and had several requests for more to bring the next day. She had to go shopping that night and work all night to make more and then sold out of those! A good friend of ours from MUMC took close to 20 to a yoga class with her and sold out of all of them in one day! My nieces are taking them to dance class and school to sell them. I even have one of my own that I love, it's the one in the photo!
On the website there is a page that shows various fabrics HeadBits are offered sure to check it out! Here is the direct link to the HeadBit page... The HeadBit

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