Little Bits Photo Contest...

We would like to begin collecting photos of children and their own Little Bits (blankees, pillowcases, headbands, etc.) to be used for a photo contest!!! We will begin the collection process now, please email a FULL file of your child shown with their Little Bit. Please select your favorite shot only, although you may send in multiple shots if your child has multiple Bits! The deadline for photo submissions will be announced on the blog/website in plenty of time. We are not setting the deadline quite yet.

Here's how to get started:
*take a photo of your child with their Little Bit
*email the full file to:
*put "Little Bits Photo Contest" in the subject line
*In the body of the email please include:
***Parent (your) name(s)
***Child's first name and age
***a testimony about your Bit if you'd like (we are also creating a testimonials page for the Little Bits website)

By submitting the above information, you are consenting to your child's photo appearing on the Little Bits website and/or blog. Only photos will appear, not names.
There will be prizes involved, we promise this will be worth it!!! We hope this will be a great way to spread the word about Little Bits!
If you submit a testimony for our testimonials section, we will possibly use this for our website in the future.

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