New Website is launched!

I finally finished the new Little Bits website and even added some last minute features at the very end! I launched the new site yesterday and we're excited about it! Here are just a few of the new features...
*Products can now be ordered and paid for using credit cards or PayPal accounts through the "Place an Order" link on the website.
*I added a "recommend this site, "add to favorites," and "join this E-mailing List," to the Volunteer link to make it easier for people to spread the word and keep in touch with Little Bits. A special thank you to a good friend for asking me to add these things!
*2 brand new products, the *HeadBit* and the *Itty Bitty Ball* are on the site for sale.

It has been fun to work on the site and also to work closely with my mom, Sandi, as she shared all of her wonderful ideas with me. She had a huge success selling Bits at the MUMC consignment sale this weekend, she called in to report great sales and a wonderful response. Frank's parents got in on the action too, helping make products last night in my mom's blankee factory (her rec room)! Little Bits were sold again today at MUMC, my mom has been a busy woman this past week!

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